Working on my writing

Well I have had a very busy few weeks, lots on online sessions about writing. First up was Emma Dhesi who ran a Be a Bestseller, Structure Your Story for Success Masterclass. This ran over 2 weeks with sessions on all aspects of writing your book. Emma is a lovely lady who has made it her mission to help first time writers to publish their first book. If you would like to check her out you can find her here.

The second event was the Crime Writers Week hosted by ProWritingAid, a software designed to help writers write. I am not really thinking about writing a crime novel, but many of the talks were relateable to any genre of fiction.

I managaed to squeeze in a fun arty workshop with the amazing team Dig Ventures – Mark your own Medieval Art. It was a brilliantly run workshop, using medieval art and the Bayeux Tapestry as inspiration.

If you are not familiar with dig Ventures, they are a crowdfunded Archaeology group. Some of the founding members were part of the Time Team series on the TV. They run virtual and real digs all over the UK with help from crowdfunding.

Take a look here if you would like to know more about what they do.

I have also been working on a painting that will be sold to help raise funds for a local charity here on the Isle of Wight – Feline Welfare.
They have helped many families, especially during these covid times, raising funds, paying for emergency treatments. All the while taking in to their care the neglected and mis-treated cats and kittens, and operating a trap/neuter/release scheme to lessen the feral population.
Nikki has dedicated her life to helping the cats on the island and this is the least I can do to try to raise funds and awareness. I will add updates as I go along.

Whatever you are doing, I hope the weather is kind to you. I am looking forward to coffee shops opening up shortly, I can’t wait to go to The Freshwater Coffee House to catch up with friends. My table is booked and I am counting down to the 17th.

I have also just started a seperate newsletter about my spiritual journey, my quest to find out more about angels, guides, spirits, and how we can tap into universal energy to better connect with each other. It is called Guided By Angels and is availble to view here

Until next time, light, love and blessings to you all.