Another Week has passed

Hello Dear Friend,

Another week has passed, was it just me or did it go particularly quickly? As I write this it is a beautiful sunny day which started with an unexpected frost. This letter is a catch up, a reflection on the past week and a look ahead.

Jo has thankfully recovered from the plague, and I seemed to have dodged it completely, not sure how that happened, but I am not complaining. We are going up to the allotment later to start planting seed potatoes and fruit bushes. So begins another season. I love the way the world turns. The crops grow, we harvest their treasures, before nature rests, ready for the cycle to begin again.

I feel life is like that, cycles of growth, expansion, reward, then dormancy – taking on board new information and thoughts in preparation for the next cycle. At the moment I feel I am in a dormant phase, taking in information in, ready for what, I am not sure yet. But I know and trust the answers will come when they, and I, am ready to hear them.

New Books on my bookshelf

With respect to taking in new information, I recently bought a couple of books. The first is Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray, I have looked these up on the internet before now, but find the amount of ads on the pages very annoying. I have watched a few video lessons by Kyle Gray, and I like his style. He comes over as a very likeable chap, very down to earth. I will let you know how I get on with the book.

The other book I invested in was: Meditation, The simple and practical way to begin and deepen meditation, by Patrick J. Harbula, DD. I am not sure yet what the DD stands for after his name, hopefully he will explain. I haven’t started reading it yet, but aim to try to read a little every day, alongside my meditation practice. The later has been a bit hit and miss to be honest, and is on my ‘to do’ list. After all, how can I expect spirit and my guides to stay in touch if I am not prepared to do the work on my end…

My week

My week was spent in a haze of bunny making, I have two to finish then my order books will be clear and ready for more commissions. My last Open University submission was returned very quickly and with a great mark, so I am very pleased. It seems strange to think that there is only one more assignment to write and this year will be done.

The next assignment has the theme of HOME, and I think I will be writing it as a ghost story. My prep work will consist of reading and re-reading lots of ghost stories from my youth.
Was I the only one who devoured all the books I could find with a supernatural twist to them? Maybe… Or perhaps it was my early exposure to spirit that filled me with curiosity. I am not sure, but I read every spooky story I could lay my hands on, even those dusty Readers Digest special edition books that were all the rage in the 70’s.

I had an unexpected glimpse of my Dad this week too. He used to run a close protection security firm and did a lot of work for the likes of Hello and OK magazine. He was in the programme about John Leslie, shown on Channel 5 last week, protecting John against the curiosity of the press. It was strange, but lovely to see him active and working.

Until next time, as ever, may your angels and guides watch over you and protect you until we meet again.

Love and Light,


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It has been a while

Sorry it has been so long since I last updated this pageon the website. Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride recently.
My writing has really taken off, with 51,000 words written about Daisy the Angel and her fight against the Darkness in the world.
I was chosen for a scholarship place on Dallas Woodburn’s Thriving Author Academy, I am so excited about this. It aims, with a lot work on my part, to get my manuscript ready to be submitted for publication by April.

Then I entered the 3 Day Novel Competition in September, just for fun…. Seriously, I never knew how much fun I could have writing 21,000 words in 72 hours. My thanks have to go to everyone at The London Writers Salon, who supported that madness and cheered us all on, I would not have done it without them. That book was all about the legends based on the Isle of Wight, specifically about the Dragon Myth. More about that project to follow in future updates.

I started a newsletter on Substack – Guided by Angels

I started it as a way to explain how I came to be where I am now. My journey with spirituality, encounters with the spirit world, and how I hope that by working together we can make the world a kinder more supportive place to be. It is published fortnightly at the moment, but will move to weekly from next month. You can subscribe here I would love for you to let me know your thoughts.

I have also just started the second year of my Open University Degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. Its all going quite well, my first essay has just been marked, so I am now working towards my second, due at the beginning of December.

Until next time, may your guides and angels watch over you.

Working on my writing

Well I have had a very busy few weeks, lots on online sessions about writing. First up was Emma Dhesi who ran a Be a Bestseller, Structure Your Story for Success Masterclass. This ran over 2 weeks with sessions on all aspects of writing your book. Emma is a lovely lady who has made it her mission to help first time writers to publish their first book. If you would like to check her out you can find her here.

The second event was the Crime Writers Week hosted by ProWritingAid, a software designed to help writers write. I am not really thinking about writing a crime novel, but many of the talks were relateable to any genre of fiction.

I managaed to squeeze in a fun arty workshop with the amazing team Dig Ventures – Mark your own Medieval Art. It was a brilliantly run workshop, using medieval art and the Bayeux Tapestry as inspiration.

If you are not familiar with dig Ventures, they are a crowdfunded Archaeology group. Some of the founding members were part of the Time Team series on the TV. They run virtual and real digs all over the UK with help from crowdfunding.

Take a look here if you would like to know more about what they do.

I have also been working on a painting that will be sold to help raise funds for a local charity here on the Isle of Wight – Feline Welfare.
They have helped many families, especially during these covid times, raising funds, paying for emergency treatments. All the while taking in to their care the neglected and mis-treated cats and kittens, and operating a trap/neuter/release scheme to lessen the feral population.
Nikki has dedicated her life to helping the cats on the island and this is the least I can do to try to raise funds and awareness. I will add updates as I go along.

Whatever you are doing, I hope the weather is kind to you. I am looking forward to coffee shops opening up shortly, I can’t wait to go to The Freshwater Coffee House to catch up with friends. My table is booked and I am counting down to the 17th.

I have also just started a seperate newsletter about my spiritual journey, my quest to find out more about angels, guides, spirits, and how we can tap into universal energy to better connect with each other. It is called Guided By Angels and is availble to view here

Until next time, light, love and blessings to you all.

New beginnings


As I write this the sun is shining and it has been the most glorious day, 17 degrees and sunny at the end of March, wow. I know it won’t last long, we are due to go back to seasonal temperatures in a couple of days. But while it is here I will feel blessed, and continue to clear the garden.

Why am I ‘clearing the garden’ you ask, well it is due to the house move, We have found the most wonderful house to move to as I mentioned in my last post, but unfortunately it has no garden to speak of. There are hanging baskets and we can have a few pots, but that will be it really. Jo became very despondent about this, but a plan of action has been made and we are now on the waiting list for an allotment. Only a half plot, but it will mean that we can continue to grow our own vegetables and flowers. Lets hope that the wait is not too long, but as with everything of late, I am putting it out to the angels and guides, and when the time is right, it will happen.

I have just completed the 4th of 6 essays due for the Open University course I am undertaking, more on that in a future post. But I am almost there, and the last essay is due a few weeks before we are due to move.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my art lately, but not much doing. I miss it and am planning some serious art time later this week, so will have some new angels to share with you soon. I have been trying to work out how to best share my angels with the world and I think that although I had set up an Etsy shop, my best way forward is with a Folksy shop. Folksy are a UK based, much smaller version of Etsy and this step just feels right. The creators on Folksy are a lovely bunch, and so talented, if you have never looked at it I urge you to take a peek. As soon as the shop is a little more stocked I will do a post about it.

This is the last piece of work I created, well finished. It was painted using a digital app on my clunky old i-pad, but I think she is beautiful.

She wanted to be called hope, and is holding a large golden orb, whilst being surrounded by lots of rings of light.

I have had a few cards made from this image and they will be in the Folksy shop soon, if you can’t wait, then please just message me.

I have also set up a ‘Buy me a Coffee’ page to fund the future of my digital art, so if you enjoy what I do and share, please consider buying me a brew. The page can be found here, thank you.

Well I think that is enough of my ramblings for now, I promise that it won’t be so long until the next missive.

I hope that whatever you are doing that life is being kind to you, blessings on all that you do and love to each and every one of you.

Love and Light til next time

Tracy x

Small steps forward

Wednesday 17th March – Happy St Patricks Day

Since I last posted here life has been a bit bonkers.

We have had to start looking for a new home to rent, as we were given notice by our current landlord. They want the house for their son and his girlfriend, which is a fair reason, but we have been here for nearly 8 years so it was a bit of a shock. Also due the upside down nature of the world at the moment the rental market is very difficult, lots of people looking and very few properties. We may have come to the end of our search, fingers crossed, any prayers for us would be very much appreicated. Thank you.

Friday 19th March – Well, that was quick, I started writing this two days ago, and already we have somewhere to live, we are so relieved. After six weeks of fruitless searching and beginning to think we would need to move from the Isle Of Wight, an angel has guided us to our new home. I am already planning an art space….

In other news, I have some new angels in the studio, images below.

I have just sent one off to be printed onto a canvas, wish me luck, I hope it comes out well. I will of course share either way, its all part of the journey. Some of the small paintings of wings have been made into greetings cards, they have been left blank so they are suitable for a variety of occassions and will be available in my Etsy shop shortly.

Going forwardsI will try to be a little more organised and regular with posting here, now that the stress of the move has passed my mind is calmer and clearer.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I wish you peace, love and light.

Until next time, take care.

The journey begins

Hello, and welcome to my Studio.

I am embarking on a journey of discovery, of angels, magic and the spirit world., and I would like to share it with you.

The tools for this journey will be my paints, pencils and watercolours, and a large amount of guidance from the angels at my shoulder.

When I was a young girl, I had an encounter with a spirit, actually my recently departed brother. Ever since then I have been intruiged by the possiblities of life beyond this existence. The world inhabited by those who have passed, our guardian angels and our spirit guides.

I have recently started to paint again, its been an urge since last year really, to paint angels. To bring their light, life, hope, love and strength to everyone who needs it. When I am painting the angels I am lost, focusing purely on the feel of the brush, the way the paint moves and the image emerging on the canvas or paper. They all have a different feel, a different character to them.

I hope that you will join me on this exploration of Angels and Guides, I feel the world needs their help.

Light and Blessings to you all